Global Missions

Global Missions

Sole Hope:

Each year, Millbrook partners with Sole Hope to help provide healthier lives to children in Uganda.

The core mission of Sole Hope is to effectively put in place preventive methods to combat diseases that enter through the feet and to create a positive physical and spiritual difference in the lives of individuals in impoverished communities.

The solution is simple: shoes! By providing shoes, children are safe from jiggers (a burrowing bug that can cause tissue damage, infection, and great pain).

With help from the Dorcas ministry, Millbrookers gather denim, milk jugs, and other materials that will be used to make shoes for children in Uganda. Each April, Millbrook hold its annual Sole Hope event. Volunteers cut fabric for the shoes, which are then sent to Africa to be assembled by local shoemakers. The donations provide healthier lifestyles, and help generate economic support through job creation.

Honduras Partnership:

Since 2008, teams lead by Millbrook Baptist members Debbie Crumpler and Gregg Mealor have worked to build houses for the very poor in San Nicolas, Honduras. This mission work has resulted in 12 houses, inhabited by 51 people, ranging in age from infants to the elderly. Although the houses are simple block construction with a steel roof, and at 19 feet by 19 feet are smaller than most of our garages, they are literally lifesaving to those families who have no safe place to live. The impact is beyond shelter, as now, mothers can keep their children safe and begin to live with dignity. We have seen children stay
in school and not immigrate to the US. We have seen illiterate mothers begin to learn to read as middle aged adults. We have seen children who suffered from severe health issues become healthy because the home is clean and the fire from the wood burning cooking stove is not vented into the living space.

This effort and money donated toward this activity is multiplied 3 fold, as the municipality provides land, labor and other assistance and a Chicago donor provides support for stoves for the homes and additional support toward labor costs.
This mission is in conjunction with the Dorcas sewing ministry, who, over the course of the year, sews children’s clothing which is distributed to children in San Nicolas. In some cases, this will be the child’s only new clothing they will ever receive.

Donations are accepted year round and if interested you can join the team for the next trip. You do not have to be a member of Millbrook to donate or to join the team. The work is hard, but the experience is life changing for the people and will be for you.

There are numerous ways to participate in this mission project including prayer, monetary donations, or joining the team. The team leaders are Debbie Crumpler and Gregg Mealor. You can contact them at or leave a message at the church office. You may also contact Steven Lingafelt who joined the team in 2014 and 2015.

To learn more about this project, please visit our facebook page, or click here for our history, impact, and past presentations.


JourneyPartners connects resources, people, challenges and opportunities around the world and at home. We focus in three main arenas: clean and available water, education and resources, and health and medicine. Past celebrations included the construction of a 75,000 gallon water reservoir in Gweru, Zimbabwe; assisting the new Alliance of Baptists in Brazil in the publication of Walter Shurden’s “Four Fragile Freedoms” in Portugese, and delivery of more than two tons of supplementary textbooks to Jones County Schools in eastern North Carolina. More recent partnerships have brought more than a dozen cross-cultural mission immersion teams to Zimbabwe, and included the construction of a hostel to house AIDS orphans in Masembura and shipment of more than 500 nursing and medical textbooks to nursing schools in several developing areas.