Purpose and Philosophy of Millbrook Baptist Preschool

Millbrook Baptist Preschool is dedicated to providing an educational setting for preschool children ages 1 – 5 which will facilitate skill development in the creative, physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive and spiritual domains. Through a program based upon the preschooler’s needs and abilities, we help each child to become secure and happy and to enjoy being a preschooler to the fullest.

At Millbrook Baptist Preschool, we believe that one-on-one education is important and in order to optimize those opportunities in the classroom, we maintain low teacher to student ratios. We are blessed to have several teachers with more than 10 years experience teaching young children; some with as many as 20 years. All of our teachers are actively involved in continuing education and training.

We focus on methods of teaching based on a proper understanding of child development. Play is the work and language of children, and skillfully-directed “work-play” is the foundation of a good preschool. We recognize the value of work-play to children and use it throughout our curricula.

Parent Partnership

We believe that parental participation is key to any successful child care program. At Millbrook Baptist Preschool we welcome parental involvement. We have an open door policy that allows parents access to the preschool during operating hours. Some examples of parental involvement are: parent council meeting, open house, individual conferences, classroom volunteer, field trips, and sending in special treats and snacks.