About Us

Welcome to Millbrook


In keeping with the Old English meaning of the word “welcome” (wilcuman), “a person whose coming is pleasing,” you are welcome, and you are a welcome! At Millbrook Baptist Church, we are most pleased to have you come and try, and join, our open and inclusive community of faith. Millbrook has been an enduring presence and a warm and welcoming place for all kinds of people, from all kinds of faith traditions – even skeptics and seekers like us.

We are welcoming and open to people like you, who are looking for new ways to learn how to be followers of Jesus, and how to grow spiritually. If you are looking for a place that will warmly and joyfully welcome you and your family, and a place that is open to all of God’s children, of all ages, races, orientations and persuasions, we invite you to come be with us, and to be a part of this progressive Baptist faith community. We honor “old English” and other religious traditions, but we are also looking forward to starting and embracing new traditions and engaging fresh new ideas and spiritual practices, as the Spirit moves within and among us. We are not your traditional Baptist church, and we invite you to join us in creating a new Millbrook with us. If all of this sounds like something you are looking for, and seeking for your life, well – come!


— Carolyn McClendon, Millbrook Deacons chair, 2015-16
Steve Carr, Millbrook Deacons chair, 2014-2015