Summer Pickins

Come learn with us this summer!

During the summer, we do things a little differently. We gather for breakfast from 9-3:0 each week and then, this year, during the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:30) we will offer three different options (or “pickins”) for learning and fellowship during the months of June and July. In August, we will have one large group opportunity each week.

Here are your June and July options:


Prove Yourselves Doers:  Exploring the Book of James       

Calling for purity and faithfulness in all areas of life, the book of James offers a practical description of right living.  Who better than Betty Niswonger to teach this book?  This beloved Millbrook teacher has taught Sunday school for six decades.  We are delighted that she will offer her seasoned insight on this important biblical letter.

The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting

This discussion group for parents and caregivers of children of all ages will be based on the audiobook by Dr. Brene Brown about raising children with courage, compassion, and connection.  We will explore topics such as resilience, shame, vulnerability, boundaries, and play.  Our time together will include open and honest dialogue about the struggles and joys of parenting wholehearted children.  We will also connect the practice of parenting to our faith story.  Discussion will be facilitated by Rebecca Hewitt-NewsonCopies of the audiobook will be available to borrow.

Wise Plans for Mortals:  Transforming the End of Life for Us All

George Fuller and friends from Silver Compassion will guide you in thinking through creating a life plan, owning your legacy, and putting arrangements in place so that you and the ones you love are mutually cared for during all the seasons of life.  We will also host Kenneth Hagan from Brown-Wynne Funeral Home for one session to discuss the practicalities of funeral planning.



God Saw That It Was Good:  Millbrook Art Studio

A well-lit, upstairs Sunday school room provides the perfect space for our church’s artists to create in community together.  Nancy Creasman and other creative Millbrook members will host this hour of imaginative expression.  Artists of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to bring supplies to share for spiritual creativity.  A few artistic mediums will also be provided.  Scriptural passages will be read at the opening of each session to provide inspiration for artistic design.

Reading Revelation Well:  Rome, the Lamb, and Apocalyptic Literature

The book of Revelation has some baggage in the contemporary American theological landscape.  Indeed, it was not for nothing that Thomas Jefferson called it “merely the ravings of a maniac.”  For over a century, many Christians have read all kinds of predictions into the last book of the Bible, using questionable (at best) reading strategies; in response, others have avoided it altogether.  Led by Ryan Newson, this class will dive into the book of Revelation, doing deep study of the text itself, and in the process, learn how to read it well and how to read it poorly.  The message of Revelation is not what it is often assumed to be; it is far better.

By the Renewing of Your Mind:  Challenges in Mental Health

This series of speakers will focus on some of the most common mental health diagnoses faced by Americans, as well as approaches to mindful living and healthy relationships.  Each Sunday we will look at a different issue of mental health with professionals who work as Family Therapists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

July 9 – Body Image with Adrienne Alden, MA

July 16 – Anxiety with Lauren Campbell, MSW, LCSW

July 23 – Depression with Natalie Chigozie, LCSW

July 30 – Happy Relationships with Carrie Fasola, MS, LMFT












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